Teams are required to be in uniform by Round 4 each season, i.e. same colour shirts with clearly visible and permanent numbers. Uniform requirements apply to shirts only, not shorts or socks. From Round 4 onwards, players not in uniform are ineligible to score tries.

Acceptable variations:

Unacceptable variations:

Shoes and socks must be worn. Shoes must have moulded plastic or rubber souls. Screw-in studs and baseball-style cleats are not permitted.

Jewellery must not be worn. Long fingernails should be trimmed or taped.

Uniform Subsidy
The BCTA provides uniform subsidies of up to $150.00 per set of playing shirts/singlets.  To claim the subsidy, teams need to purchase a new set of playing shirts / singlets, pay for them up front, and then present the receipt.  Any supplier may be used. Shorts, socks and other parts of a uniform are not covered sorry.  Teams with outstanding registration fees are ineligible.  Contact Us for further details.

Recommended Uniform Suppliers

Teams needing numbers for existing uniforms might consider Sport Numbers.