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Rules of Touch

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BCTA competitions operate under the standard rules of touch (above) with the following exception for drop-offs in drawn semi-finals:

If the scores are tied at the end of normal time in a semi-final (ie first dead ball after the bell) then the referee will stop play and each team will immediately reduce by two players (ie drop off one male and one female). Play will then be re-started at that spot with the same team in possession and the tackle count continuing. Play continues and players may substitute as per normal but no further drop-offs occur. The team which scores the next touchdown is the winner. There is no requirement that each team have a possession.


Playing Conditions

  • Heat Rule - Matches played in excessive conditions may include one x 60 second drinks break midway during each half at the referee's discretion.
  • Dead Ball Areas - During summer season, large witches hats and/or covers may designate the cricket pitch/es as a dead ball area. Note that it only applies to the zone immediately bounded by the hats/covers, i.e. the dead ball line does NOT extend beyond them. 



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