• Registrations are now open for our Winter comp commencing Tuesday, 30th April.
  • Existing team captains can re-register via the emailed link.
  • New teams can register via livethecomp.com.au
  • $990 per team (by 8th May), $50 discount for teams who scored a perfect 42 Fair Play points last season.
  • $600 for teams with at least 50% full-time students.
  • Registrations to date: 7
  • Em's Pets, Just Gammin, Gliders, Greenies, Too Old For This, Touch of Peace, 3 Cheers
  • To access fixtures and leaderboards (only) via mobile devices, click here


  • 26 Apr: Winter team regos due
  • 27 Apr: AGM
  • 30 Apr: Winter comp starts
  • 8 May: Payment deadline