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1987  First matches (23 May)
1988  Representative game v. Ipswich churches team
1989  First summer competition, First men’s competition
1990  Mixed B grade introduced, Association incorporates
1991  Men’s B grade introduced
1992  First women’s competition
1995  Moved to Tennyson fields
1997  10th anniversary function
1998  First web site
1999  Player email subscription list, Mixed C grade introduced
2000  "Swiss" draw system, Fair Play Awards and Mixed D grade introduced
2003  Scoreboards first used
2004  Adopted Code of Conduct, Acquired www.bcta.org.au domain name
2007  20th anniversary function
2008  Adopted our logo following a design competition
2011 Fields flooded (see photo below), first ran Brisbane Christian Schools carnival
2012 Electronic player registration, 6-a-side introduced for A and B grades
2013 Mixed E grade introduced, All grades now 6-a-side
2016 Live the Comp management software
2017 30th anniversary function
2018 Representative game v. BCC Touch


Tennyson fields during the 2011 Brisbane flood:

Tennyson fields in Flood 2011 


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