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1987 First matches (23 May)
1988 Representative game v. Ipswich churches team
1989 First summer competition, First men’s competition
1990 Mixed B grade introduced, Association incorporates
1991 Men’s B grade introduced
1992 First women’s competition
1995 Moved to Tennyson fields
1997 10th anniversary function
1998 First web site
1999 Player email subscription list, Mixed C grade introduced
2000 "Swiss" draw system, Fair Play Awards and Mixed D grade introduced
2003 Scoreboards first used
2004 Adopted Code of Conduct, Acquired www.bcta.org.au domain name
2007 20th anniversary function
2008 Adopted our logo following a design competition
2011 Fields flooded (see photo below), first ran Brisbane Christian Schools carnival
2012 Electronic player registration, 6-a-side introduced for A and B grades
2013 Mixed E grade introduced, All grades now 6-a-side
2016 Free junior clinics established, adopted competition management software
2017 30th anniversary function
2018 Representative game v. BCC Touch
2020 Established Forest Lake venue, competition affected by coronavirus pandemic

Tennyson fields during the 2011 Brisbane flood:

Tennyson fields in Flood 2011


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