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Best & Fairest

Following each match, referees award 3, 2 and 1 points to the Best and Fairest players in each team. These points are then tallied to find the Best and Fairest players for each season.

SeasonMixed - MaleMixed - Female
2022 Summer
No award
No award
2021 Spring (Tue)
Jayden Robinson (Em's Pets)
Teylah Thompson (Gliders)
2021 Spring (Sun)
Nathaniel Manase (Legacy)
Nisha Harish (Legacy Expansion)
2021 Winter (Tue)Geoff Eggins (Try Babies)
Courtney Smith (Mac n Cheese)
2021 Autumn
Joel Carr (Wasps)
Louise Andersen (Wasps)
 2021 Summer
Ashley Barnwell (J-Walkers)Hayley Kopittke (Gliders)
2020 Spring (Tue)Josh Barrie (Can't Touch This)
Bree Kent (Bandersnatch)
2020 Spring (Sun)Tate Staines (Wallabies)
CJ Hay (Wild Cats)
2020 Winter (Tue)Theo Ashton (Straya Post)
Christine Smith (GYG Wolfpack)
2020 Winter (Sun)
Kai Williams (Wild Cats)
Imogene Davidson (Too Old For This)
2019/20Ashley Barnwell (J-Walkers)Lyly Nguyen (Blade)
Ashley Barnwell (J-Walkers)
Liz Freudigmann (Gingerbred)
 Westley Collins (ESL United)
Channy Turner (Pretty)
 Caleb Southwood (Deadly Combination)
Jessica Hill (Keen As)
2017/18Christopher Dart (Keen As)
Jessica Hill (Keen As)
2017Chrispin Wong (ESL United)Lydia Teo (Touch of Peace)
 2016/17Marty Begbie (Touch and Go)
Jacqui Batrachenko (Second Wind)
2016Andrew Hynd (Chiefs)Emma Horne (Gingerbred)
2015/16Harrison Green (Rangers)
Rachel Borchardt (Heroes)
2015Steve Purcell (Heroes)
Tegan Blanch (Deafinitely a Try)
Sheridan Keevers (Rangers)
2014/15Nathan Sands (Touche)
Tegan Blanch (Deafinitely a Try)
2014 Quinn Myhill (Pretty)
Daryl Hopkins (Heroes)
Tegan Blanch (Deafinitely a Try)
2013/14Andrew Hynd (Rogues)Emma Horne-Burrows (Soft Touch)
2013Quinn Myhill (Pretty, Div 1)
Karl Thomason (FPM, Div 2)
Jaime Cole (The Peptides, Div 1)
Bethany Sands (Touch and Go, Div 2)

Rob Beeston (Bullet Proof, Div 1)
Andrew Hynd (Rogues, Div2)

Hannah Christensen (Soft Touch, Div1)
Dannii Cunningham (Heroes, Div2)
Bethany Sands (Touch and Go, Div2)
David Ireland (Velociraptors)
Bethany Sands (Touch and Go)
Mark Morton (SW)
Heather Batten (Chipmunks)
2011Sean Radloff (Pumped)
 Amanda Powell (Soft Touch)
2010/11Andrew Hynd (Rogues)Esther Lawrence (MissSir)
 2010Andrew Hynd (Rogues) Esther Lawrence (Johnny's Heroes)
2009/10Brad Davie (Hundred Acre Bar) 
Tertius van der Walt (Untouchables)
Annie Troyer (Sliders
2009Brad Davie (Hundred Acre Bar) Amanda Powell (Greenies) &
Jennifer Bryer (Pirates)
2008/09Andrew Hynd (Huff n Puff) Sam Helu (Rogue Runners)
2008Jonathan Eggins (Chipmunks) Dimity Fulcher (Pretty)
2007/08Dennis Webber (No Sweat)

Anna Wagner (McGyver Fanclub)

2007Chris Gordon (Hit and Miss)

Esther Hall (Johnny's Heroes) &
Michelle Mowat (Navel Lint)

2006/07Dennis Webber (Orange)Esther Hall (Johnny's Heroes)
2006Matt Carruthers (Shockers) Liz Stiles (Savages)
2005/06Toby Bosscheiter (Next Link) Esther Hall (Johnny's Heroes)
2005Brett Sommerfield (Maulers)Liz Stiles (Savages)
2004/05Ryan Paulsen (No Homers) Tania Carney (Shockers)
2004Dan Bosschieter (Inbreds) &
Luke Skenner (Orange)
Johanna Carpenter (Chipmunks)
2003/04Brad Lynch (Savages)Michelle Mowat (Maulers)
2003Daniel Gronert (Oceania)Elissa Cramb (Gorillas)
2002/03Dennis Webber (Tang Go's)Annette Kitzelman (SLS)
2002Joel Buchan (Pretty)Jade Savory (Fruit Loops)
2001/02James Freudigmann (Maulers)Elissa Cramb (Gorillas)
2001James Freudigmann (Maulers)Renee Appleby (Pretty in Pink)
2000/01James Freudigmann (Maulers)Michelle Mowat (Maulers)
2000John Linden (Falcons)Wendy Dickfos (Run Amuck)
1999/2000Ian Smith (Cavaliers)Carla Whittaker (Steppers)



 Mixed Competition

 Men's Competition

1999 Tony Jurekie (Falcons) -
1998/99 Tony Jurekie (Falcons) James Freudigmann (Maulers)
1998 Stacey MacKenzie (Butterfingers) &
Paul Larmar (Wallabies)
Heath Hasted (Crocodiles)
1997/98 Abigail Tupas (Gooses) Graham Pritchard (Crocodiles)
1997 Spring Lisa West-Newman (Raiders) Peter Allen (Trinity)
1997 Mark Mackay (Saints) Adrian Wilkinson (Fore Frontiers)
1996/97 Natalie Willie (Falcons) &
Kym Wittenberg (Crushers)
Andrew Rogers (Beenleigh)
1996 Tina Hennessy (Noddies) Ian McEwan (Razorbacks)
1995/96 Kym Wittenberg (Crushers) Jason Milner (Maulers)
1995 Graeme Sansome (Steelers) &
Andrew Whittaker (Bulldogs)
Alan Kircher (Southern Cross)
1994/95 Jenny Hotschilt (Annerley Apostles) Rob Watson (Bandits)
1994 Melissa Gray (Hammers) Tony Croke (Bombers)
1993/94 Glen Bowa (Saints) Roger Wilson (Beenleigh)
1993 Anthony Doyle (Gumbies) Damian Pratt (Bandits)
1992/93 Dionne Russell (St Barts) Paul Sharp (Shailer Park Sharks)
1992 Spencer Smith (Albion COC) &
Lisa Rasi (Gateway Baptist)
Carl Toma (Southside Shakers)
1991/92 Ian McEwan (Strikeforce) Ken Gittens (Springwood Supercats)
1991 John Hobbs (Strikers 49ers) David Hood (Sunnybank Shadows)
1990/91 Nigel Dickfos (Strikers 49ers) Paul Dent (Regina Caeli)
1990 John Yared (Hosanna)




Spencer Smith (Annerley Combined)
1989 Paul Dent (Sunnybank Spiders) -
1988 Lyndon Dickfos (Sunnybank Blue) -
1987 Regan Dent (Sunnybank Spiders) -

SeasonLadies' Competition
1995Angela Biddle (St Barts)
1994Angela Biddle (St Barts)
1993Geraldine Philp (Shades)
1992Debbie Cross (Southside Shakers)


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